The Cost

How much does it cost?

The cost of the conversion consists mainly of:

1. The DIY conversion manual detailing how to acquire or make various components and putting all the bits and pieces together.............around $50 - $100

2. The cost of those componets....expected at less than $100, depending on your location

3. The cost of installing the system...you can do it youself or have a mechanic do it for you. Installation time should be less than half an hour for a qualified mechanic
How much can you save?
Claims are being made that 30 up to 60% or more savings are achievable. This could translate into
several hundreds to thousands dollars per year for an average motorist. For a fleet of vehicles, this could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
The Savings
You should be aiming at around  $150 to $300 to have your car modified with the right kits. For an average single car owner, the conversion should pay for itself in less than 2 months.
      Water Car Review
In this review, we investigate the major suppliers of DIY conversion kit to convert your vehicle into water car. Emphasis was made regarding the quality of their guides as well as other information deemed most beneficial to customers,taken into account of copycats and misleading advertisements.

The Background           

Gasoline prices are rising continuously, and there seem to be no end to it, ever.  Then came the news that made most of us exited, but skeptical still, ..the news of the "water car".
Water car, HHO car, car running with water, or whatever names you may have heard...what are they actually?
In simple words, they are cars equipped with special devices that turn water into a gas that helps improving combustion efficiency... which in turn, increases your MPG(Miles Per Gallon) and save you money on petrol/gasoline.
The Principle
     The technology is amazingly simple. Water is splitted into HHO gas (also called Brown's gas or Hydroxy) using an "Electrolyzer". The gas is sent to the combustion chamber to increase combustion efficiency.

Diagram below shows how this can be easily achieved (courtesy of Water4Gas.com)
     A container (about 1000 cc)filled with distilled water and a little bit of baking soda is placed somewhere under the hood. The system receives electricity (12 Volts) and vaccuum from the engine and creates HHO Gas (Hydrogen + Oxygen). This HHO gas is then directed to the engine' intake carburetor or manifold.
What causes improvement in combustion efficiency ?

One explanation is that..."The main reason for poor combustion in normal situation is the oversized fuel droplets in the mixture. The Hydrogen, being such a small particle, hits a droplet, cuts it into smaller droplets and attaches itself to the smaller droplets. Now the finer, hydrogen-enhanced mixture, is capable of burning more thoroughly."
Rank # 1
Rank # 2
Rank # 2
Rank # 2
RunYourCarOnWater gives you all you would need to convert your car with easy to follow manual. The main principle is similar to water4gas.com.We thought supportive support activity may not be as detailed as water4gas.com.  However, the tag price at $49.97 may catch "price-concious" customers's attention. 
We judged this supplier as the best due to the fact that they honestly, and generously, supply vital information in great details.

Additional useful information are also given. The manual is very straight forward and easy to follow.

The asking price of $97, though higher than their competitors, is more than justified, considering
ease of implementation, extra valuable facts given and several hundreds of dollars saving per year.

We also believed this is a "must have" if you are  serious about converting your car with full information and support.   
For detailed information  CLICK HERE
For Detailed informatiom  CLICK HERE
We felt that this supplier is more or less the same as runyourcaronwater.com. The asking is $49.95 . No significant different is found.
For detailed infrmation  CLICK HERE
We reckon this supplier as one of the exceptional supplier, considering simplicity yet very effective manual. The price at $49.95 is also competitive in the current market.
After our thorough investigation of various "Water Car Conversion Manuals',  many of which are copy cats,some are too technical and hard to follow... we have chosen the top 4 :
For detailed informatiom  CLICK HERE
all you need to know to choose the best available guide
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